Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's No Secret

Author: Rachel Olsen
Publisher: David C. Cook
September 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4347-6537-6
Genre: Nonfiction/Christian living/women’s issues

Are you tired of life as usual?

Rachel Olsen likes bling. She likes it even better when it looks like the real thing, but it’s a counterfeit. And the bigger, the glitterier, the better. Now Ms. Olsen wants to introduce us to biblical bling—and help us get past feeling exhausted or bored with our religion, and help us to find fulfillment and greater intimacy with God.

Inside IT’S NO SECRET you will uncover truths which will help you

> Overcome the comparisons and competitive urges that leave you lonely
> Accept help from others
> Discover God’s surprising source of spiritual beauty and strength
> Embrace your need for rest
> Find adventure as you yield wholeheartedly to God
> Dig into the Bible for yourself and understand what you find there
and more

Ms. Olsen starts each chapter with a story, well punctuated with verses, then shares a biblical story, and each chapter ends with discussion questions and plenty of room to write the answers. Ms. Olsen suggests that this book would be good to work through with a girl friend—maybe one on one would work, but I can’t imagine it being a good small group bible study. (though someone with more imagination than me might be able to work it into one)

IT’S NO SECRET is definitely a book that leaves you with plenty to think about, and she has some great spiritual truths included. One of the endorsers commented that she used it as a devotional. This is definitely a lot more than a verse, a story, and an application. This is an immerse yourself into God’s word type study, and you will reap the benefits from it. $14.99. 236 pages.

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