Friday, September 10, 2010

For Time and Eternity

Author: Allison Pittman
Publisher: Tyndale
August 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4143-3596-4
Genre: Inspirational/historical

A group of Mormons are camping near Camilla Deardon’s family’s farm, and the whole town is in an uproar. They want this group of thieving cult members to move on, and the Mormons agree…soon. They are on their way to Salt Lake City, Utah.

When Camilla is on her way to school one day, she meets Nathan Fox and she is smitten. He walks her to school—but steals the cheese wheel she carries. Still Nathan shows up to walk her to school every day. Camilla sees nothing dangerous about the Mormons and doesn’t know what all the objects are about. Especially after Nathan invites her to come out to the camp and observe.

Everyone is so friendly, and she sees nothing wrong with them. They seem to know the Bible. In the meantime, Camilla’s father seems to be growing more and more stern. When Nathan invites Camilla to go west with him as his bride, will she accept? Or will she see the errors of their ways before they leave?

FOR TIME AND ETERNITY is not the first book I’ve read by Allison Pittman (but it is the best one so far) and it certainly won’t be the last. I was kind of hesitant about this book, as I’m not Mormon and I wasn’t sure what the focus would be, but as the story went on, I grew to care deeply for Camilla.

Written in first person, I was able to see and understand exactly what Camilla did and I related to her on a deeper level. Some of the secondary characters were also quite real to me. I cared enough that I even read the first chapter preview of the second book which included at the end of this one, and the author interview. Discussion questions are also included. FOR TIME AND ETERNITY is one book you won’t want to miss. $13.99. 363 pages.

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