Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Shall Not Want

Author: Debbie Viguie
Publisher: Abingdon Press
October 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4267-0190-0
Genre: Inspirational/Mystery

Cindy Preston’s life is still getting back to normal after helping to capture the Easter killer. Now it’s Thanksgiving. Her short-lived romance with the Rabbi Jeremiah has ended, and now she’s helping Joseph Tyler organize a charity event.

Unfortunately, Joseph’s personal assistant is found dead at this event and one of the valuable registered puppies is missing. This sets off a string of murders and missing dogs.

Cindy and Jeremiah team up again to help the police solve this crime—but no one knows where to start. Is it an overly competitive millionaire stealing pooches—if so, why is he also taking adopted shelter dogs? Or could it possibly be someone much closer to Joseph?

I SHALL NOT WANT is the second book in The Psalm 23 Mysteries series, but it easily stands alone. This book starts out kind of slow, telling us what happened in Cindy’s life since she solved the earlier murder, but starts to get more interesting at the community charity event Joseph hosted. A speed dating scene which both Joseph and Cindy participated in was almost funny, as well as some of the events which occurred because of it.

The middle of the book did start dragging again, but a few more bodies and a humorous shopping experience perked that up. Overall, this was a funny mystery with a killer that I never suspected. Not too many mystery writers are able to pull that off. 265 pages. $13.99.

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