Sunday, January 30, 2011

iShine Bible

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
January 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4143 4815-5
Genre: Inspirational/Holy Bible NLT/Tweener

There are many versions and translations of the Bible out there today, and many varied opinions about each of them. There are Bibles made for babies, and large-print Bibles for the vision-impaired. But not all Bibles are designed especially for tweens.

The iSHINE BIBLE is made especially for tweens. It is the typical full length Bible, but it has a really cool, soft cover—the one I was sent to review is pink with stars on it—and it contains the whole Bible, not just the New Testament which impressed me. There is a question and answer section in the front of the Bible with things that kids are tempted by, like lying, gossip, stealing, attitudes, etc. There is also a colored section that will show your tween that she/he is valuable in God’s eyes… with links to web pages that you and your tween can visit.

My family and I are greatly impressed with this Bible (not so much the translation, I wish it came with options about what version/translation you’d prefer) and my three daughters especially are in awe of this Bible. They all think it’s cool (so do I) and everyone wants it! I get the dubious pleasure of deciding which two are disappointed. If you have a teenager, tweener, or well, a daughter or son of any age, who wants a cool looking Bible, then the iSHINE BIBLE is one to consider. The Bible I received is specifically for girls, but there are designs out there for boys as well. $19.99.

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