Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Love Finds You in Deadwood, South Dakota

Congratulations to wfnren for winning a copy of Janice Hanna Thompson's book - wfnren's choice.

Author: Tracey Cross (aka Tracey Bateman)
Publisher: Summerside Press
August 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60936-003-0
Genre: Inspirational/historical romance

Jane Albright has just buried her husband—not that there was any love lost. It was a marriage of convenience, and Jane has one five year old son and another baby on her way. However, she is horrified to learn that her husband has not paid a penny on a loan he’d signed, he was three months over due on the final payment, and the loan holder was collecting—everything she owned, including the land and soddy.

Jane has nothing to do but fight for what she wants. Determined to pay off every penny of her husband’s debt, she takes a job as a freighter, hauling supplies to the town of Deadwood. But her new boss is a crook and has other plans for Jane.

Franklin Lloyd is not the greedy moneylender Jane envisioned, instead, he’s quite the gentleman. But even Franklin’s patience is tried when he must rescue Jane every time he turns around. But how can he help her when he is her greatest enemy?

LOVE FINDS YOU IN DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA is a prairie romance that reminds me greatly of one of Janette Oke’s books in places, but yet has a few surprising twists and turns all it’s own. I absolutely loved Franklin, but I had to admire Jane’s pluck and strength. I don’t know if I would’ve been able to do most of what she did.

LOVE FINDS YOU IN DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA is a delightful mixture of western, prairie, and historical with grit. Fans will devour ever page of this book and be anxious for more. Plus there’s a page of information about the real Deadwood, South Dakota—then and now. $12.99. 316 pages.

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