Sunday, July 10, 2011

Prayers for My Baby (Boy and Girl)

Author: Angela Thomas
Photography: Julie Johnson
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
July 2011
ISBN: 978-0-7369-3937-9 (Prayers for my Baby Girl)
ISBN: 978-0-7369-4566-8 (Prayers for my Baby Boy)
Genre: Inspirational/gift book

From the back cover of PRAYERS FOR MY BABY BOY: Awesome. Breathtaking. Stunning. Surely, he is the most amazing gift I have ever known. Now there is a new life in our home. Thank you, God, for answering our prayers. I can look into the eyes of our gift and see his daddy’s reflection. I am so humbled. I never could have dreamed what this day would be like. I am a mother, he is my child, and we are home. Amen.

PRAYERS FOR MY BABY GIRL and PRAYERS FOR MY BABY BOY are beautifully designed gift books. Filled with beautiful pictures of babies, and beautifully written essays about the first smile, about keepsakes, about my baby-in-love. Verses are included at the end of the essays, and some pages are just verses to go along with the pictures.

PRAYERS FOR MY BABY GIRL and PRAYERS FOR MY BABY BOY are books that sure to be wonderful gifts for the expectant mothers that you know. They are sure to cherish these essays, verses, and thoughts as they have rare quiet moments after the birth of their child, or even before the baby is born, during the expectant waiting period. If you are looking for the perfect shower gift (and are tired of giving the usual array of onesies, baby blankets, and diapers) then PRAYERS FOR MY BABY GIRL or PRAYERS FOR MY BABY BOY would be an excellent gift. $12.99 hardcover. 48 pages.

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