Monday, October 17, 2011

40 Days to Better Living: Optimal Health

Producers: Staff of the Church Health Center in Memphis, Tennessee
Publisher: Church Health Center of Memphis, Inc
July 2011
ISBN: 978-1-61626-264-8
Genre: Inspirational/health and fitness

40 DAYS TO BETTER LIVING: OPTIMAL HEALTH is a health guided book designed to help you begin to feel better about your health and to start taking control of it, in baby steps.

Each day’s readings include Bible readings, places to make notes about your work, your habits, your current exercise plan (or lack of one), and gives basic instructions.

For instance, one of the days in the beginning of the plan reminds you to call your doctor for a physical checkup, if its been more than a year since you had one. There are even spaces provided to record the time and day of your appointment.

One of the days asks you to list ten things about your faith life, positive and negative.

There are spaces to list things that you like or dislike about your job, and another space to list the things about which you have some control over to change.

Not only that, but in the book we’re introduced to people like Eddie, who walks five miles a day after surviving a serious accident and being told he’d never walk again. People like Iva who lost over 200 pounds and manages diabetes by making simple lifestyle changes.

40 DAYS TO BETTER LIVING: OPTIMAL HEALTH will teach you how to:

. Eat better
. Exercise
. Enjoy family and friends
. Work with your doctor
. Connect with God

40 DAYS TO BETTER LIVING: OPTIMAL HEALTH is designed to look like a magazine, and it reads like one in a way. It is book-sized, but it reads easily, there isn’t a lot of clutter on a page, and it is arranged attractively. The text is also broken up by use of color, pictures, and plenty of space to record your thoughts, prayers, information, answers, and reminders. Highly recommended. $7.99. 176 pages.

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