Friday, October 14, 2011

A Place to Belong

Author: Lisa Troyer
Publisher: Barbour Books
September 2011
ISBN: 978-1-61626-505-2
Genre: Inspirational/nonfiction/women’s issues

Lisa Troyer is the president of the Circle of Friends Mission, a safe place of truth and love where women can develop lasting relationships and discover together the purposes of God for their lives.

A PLACE TO BELONG is so simply written, it is a joy to read, though some of the topics addressed are quite saddening. Lisa Troyer has a history of sexual abuse – not from loved ones, but from a high school teacher, and she was afraid to tell anyone, leaving that teacher to destroy other girls. Building up all this fear and tension inside did two things—1. It gave Lisa a spirit of depression and 2. It gave her a strong tenacity to raise above her circumstances and succeed. She says, “Living with a secret doesn’t make it go away. It doesn’t change your heart. As well hidden as your secret is, that is how deeply lonely you will be. I’ve been there. I know it’s true.”

And we all have secrets. While we might not have been abused by someone in the corner of the basement, there are all things we’re hiding. Maybe it’s a history of physical abuse. Maybe it’s your unhealthy lifestyle habits. Maybe its your addiction to things that would damage your spiritual life. Or maybe you’re just afraid that if people get to know you they won’t like you.

Coupled with Ms. Troyer’s disclosures, are stories from other women, as well as related accounts in Scripture. She explores five principles that address the heart-needs of women today:

. Acceptance—embarking on adventures in relationship
. Authenticity—exchanging the familiar for the extraordinary
. Affirmation—enriching the lives of those around you
. Accountability—receiving the comfort of companionship
. Action—stepping into the journey and walking into the purpose

There are some song lyrics (penned by Lisa Troyer) and discussion questions, making this a great book for you to work through in your own “Circle of Friends.” There is also a one-year reading guide for your Bible and tips in leading your own small group.

This is a book that has the power to transform the way women view themselves, to make us feel more secure in who God made us, and to feel the overwhelming acceptance of God—in His love for us.

Pick up a copy of Ms. Troyer’s A PLACE TO BELONG today. You will be glad you did. $14.99. 255 pages.

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