Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An Amish Wedding

Authors: Kelly Long, Kathleen Fuller, Beth Wiseman
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
December 2011
ISBN: 9782595549211
Genre: Inspirational/Amish/romance

Priscilla’s upcoming wedding is stirring up trouble—and romance—in Paradise. A collection of three Amish novella’s connected to one larger story.

A Perfect Secret by Kelly Long—Rose Bender has always known she’d marry her long time best friend Luke Lantz. But there is a thief in their Amish neighborhood and when Rose catches a glimpse of the English thief he seems so much more intriguing than her intended. Luke is harboring a secret too. One that could cost him his good standing in his Amish community, not to mention rip Rose from his arms forever.

A Perfect Match by Kathleen Fuller—Naomi King has been hurt once, when her beau, David, left and married another. Zeke Lapp is waiting for the right girl. When Zeke goes to visit his cousin Chester for his wedding, he is quickly attracted to the lovely Naomi. But Naomi isn’t interested and tries to match him up with her friend, Margaret. Zeke isn’t interested in Margaret, nor her in him, but how can he make Naomi take notice?

A Perfect Plan by Beth Wiseman—Priscilla King and Chester Lapp’s wedding is quickly approaching and everything is going wrong! Priscilla wonders if maybe God doesn’t want her and Chester to marry. Chester has lost his job, Priscilla’s little sister cut up her wedding dress, her best friend has poison ivy, the cake decorator quit, and the groomsman had to return home and not be in the wedding. What else could go wrong? And how will they work through all these trials?

AN AMISH WEDDING is a novella collection centered around Priscilla’s wedding and the preparations for it—and how two couples found love during the preparations. It is a really cute collection, and gives a lot of information about Amish weddings and even Amish cooking.

Kelly Long is getting a reputation as being an edgier Amish writer, and I have to admit that I do love the passion she has in her stories. They are clean, but there is a lot of sexual tension, and she does that so very well. Kathleen Fuller has well planned out stories that take hurting characters and help them heal in the process. Beth Wiseman’s story neatly wrapped up the wedding. Discussion questions and some wonderful sounding Amish recipes are included at the end of the book. $15.99. 400 pages.

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