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Interview with John Turner / Review of Take This Journey With me

Interview Questions for John Turner

Tell us about Take This Journey With Me – a brief blurb.

Take This Journey With Me is a book of 100 poems that endeavors the highlight the emotions and the thoughts that we may experience as we make our journey through life.

*How did Take This Journey With Me get started?

Sometime in May of last year the thought occurred to me, along with incredible inspiration, to write a book of poetry as I reflected on my life and life in general. And I thought about allowing the feelings inside of me, to be expressed for the world to see. This I did, as a cathartic benefit to me as well as a benefit to anyone who should ever choose to pick-up and read the book.

*Tell us about your research process.

There really was no particular process of research per se, however, from a historical and common knowledge standpoint, it was necessary to review some facts before I would commit to putting the words down as an imprint.

*What impact did your research have on you personally?

As far as a personal impact, As I researched “Life” I reflected on how things were and on how things are. And in doing so, I have often found myself reflecting on how things should be, and on how things will be, someday.

*Is any part of you sorry to be finished writing Take This Journey With Me?

On the contrary, I am very happy to have written and completed it. And I am glad that it is available for public consumption. Not that I should bring glory to myself, but rather, hopefully, bring the opportunity to make someone smile. To give someone explore their very own thoughts. To make them hope. To make them feel love and loved.

*Where do you like to write?

Where? I suppose it everywhere that I write. It isn’t until later, when I sit down, perhaps in the bedroom, or the living room, or the garage or a hotel room, when I put the thoughts down on paper, those thoughts that have already been written in my head.

*How do you handle distractions?

Like most everyone, if there is something to be focused on, such as writing, I tune out everything else to a certain degree, until I have put down exact the thoughts that I hope to convey, as I begin to tell the story.

*If someone else were sitting at your desk right now, what would they see?

Nothing they would give them the impression that this person is a writer. They would perhaps just see a desk with typical stuff on it, the very stuff that you see upon a desk.

*When you’re working on a project, how do you keep the immensity of it from getting you down?

That is a very interesting question. To answer that, I feel that whatever we do in this life, it terms of creating something to be of an impact, such as writing a book, it can be immense or not so, but the immensity or the enormity is actually felt by those impacted more so then by the one who began the project.

*How do you choose between ideas you’d like to write about?

The choice of what to write is narrowed down to this. Is the idea of what I hope to convey whatever the subject, will it be felt. And was love, the underlying message.

Author: John Turner
Publisher: Two Harbors Press
September 2012
ISBN: 978-1-937928-32-2
Genre: Poetry

John Turner has been a lover of poetry since the beginning and has read the works of all the great poets. He hopes to be able to reach others through these written words in poetry now. Some of the poems are familiar, reminding one of other poets work, as they start out the same, but then go a different direction. Others tell stories, like of finding a bottle in the sea containing a message.

All are religious in content, talking about our Creator. The verses are free-style, with some rhyme occasionally, but not necessarily any.

In these poems, Mr. Turner explores what it means to be human, with normal doubts and questions about life’s meaning and purpose. The poems delve into the question of what defines us: Who am I? How am I perceived, and why? What does it mean to be a professor, a hero, a cancer patient?

If you enjoy poetry, then pick up a copy of TAKE THIS JOURNEY WITH ME. It is a optimistic, lovely meditation on life on Earth and a reminder that time passes, regardless of our attempts to tether it. A good collection of uplifting, thoughtful poems. An ideal gift for someone in your life (even yourself) who loves poetry. $14.95. 142 pages.

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