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Women in High Definition and giveaway

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To celebrate the “Going Boldly” Blog Tour Women in High Def is available for free from September 10-September 14 on Kindle at: http://amzn.to/Oey7Sa

Author: Diane Markins
Publisher: Snowfall Press
April 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9854172-0-8
Genre: Women’s Issues

Women are as unique as snowflakes, and Ms. Markins has observed hundreds of them. However, she has learned that woman have one thing in common. The top needs of them are the same. And she also began hearing a theme—“I want more. I want to be better. I want to be bold.”

WOMEN IN HIGH DEF aims to propel women out of a low-def, foggy life of going through the motions in a blur. Ms. Markins shares profound stories, intercessory prayer prompts, and coaching elements to catapult women into living fearlessly for God.  Being bolder moms. Having purposeful passions, pursuing marriage excellence and more.

Topics included in this book are: Beauty of Health, Humor, Security, Me Time, Love, Friendship, and more.

WOMEN IN HIGH DEF also includes a bonus Bible study at the back of the book which will help women to gain biblical insight and direction for each need and role they play. This book is designed to use alone, or in a small group setting. This is not a book for passive reading; it requires time, thought and some effort. There are sections with questions to read and consider – keep a notebook and a pen handy for answers and thoughts.

The print is rather small and kind of hard to read, so you’ll want to make sure you’re in a well-lit room and possibly have a magnifying glass handy.

If you want to be one of the WOMEN IN HIGH DEF then you’ll want to read this book. $12.99. 161 pages. 

“ Women in High Def will remind you that when God writes your story, you are in for the adventure of a lifetime! Diane Markins has written a book addressing topics women deal with on a day-to-day basis. If you are looking for a contemporary, captivating read filled with practical advice that will give you insight and wisdom for daily decisions, this is it!”
~ Carol Kent, Speaker and Author
Between a Rock and a Grace Place (Zondervan)

About the Author:
Diane Markins has always aspired to live in High Def. She uses her radio show, writing and speaking to inspire women to transform their lives from mediocre and complacent to bold and vibrant. She settles for nothing less in her own life as a wife, mom, grandmother, friend and colleague. Diane writes two blogs, WomenInHighDef.com and WordsInHighDef.com, is a regular contributor to the Presidential Prayer Team website and CBN.com. She and her husband of 33 years work and live close to their children in Arizona.


Falling Down Gorgeous
(Excerpt from Women in High Def: Boldly Living Your Purposes with Vibrant Clarity)

Time takes its toll on all of us. Parts of me that were once up here are now down there. My face, once smooth and fresh was becoming a bit weathered and wrinkled. Other areas that used to be firm are now wiggly. As I turned fifty I began to notice that I was becoming invisible, based on my appearance. That’s a big fat horse pill to swallow for my ego. But that’s okay. The good news is that when people start to see less of me, they see more of Jesus. He’s much more appealing and has no hidden agenda.

I hate to admit it, but I still enjoy being noticed on occasion. My husband and I went on a date to a very fancy mountaintop restaurant overlooking the city. I dressed for the occasion in my fitted black slacks, silky blouse and high heels.

I followed the maitre de to our table, my husband right behind me. I was feeling pretty good about myself and strutted a bit as we crossed a large open expanse of the room. As my stilettos went from carpet to wood floor something strange happened…I began to skate, stumble and flail about, for what felt like ten excruciating minutes, before finally landing flat on my keister. For endless moments all sound ceased except the quiet music in the background. Diners, servers and kitchen staff gaped at me, frozen in mid-action.

Graciously, I was helped up, escorted to and seated at our table, where they elevated and iced my swollen ankle. Then—to my horror—the paramedics arrived, causing an even bigger stir. Servers and managers came by frequently to check on me. Finally, our fellow diners made their way to our table as they departed to share their own “fall down” tales.

Earlier that evening, I had hoped for a little extra attention. But this wasn’t what I had in mind. Now I was just grateful I hadn’t chosen the skirt I had considered that was still hanging on my closet door. My experience that night was a great reminder that the only beauty that matters is what the Lord puts in our hearts. Everything else “falls” short in the end.


Why Bold is Better
by Diane Markins

“Your dress has really bold colors.” Does that sound like an insult in any way? How about this one: “That was a really bold choice.” Would you consider this criticism?

I hope not! I’d never wear something that would melt into the background of a beige room. I’d hate it if someone said, “You made a very safe, easy choice.”

Being bold means taking risks, not fearing failure or rejection and requires intentional thinking. When we live boldly for God we have empowerment and passion to make our boldness meaningful.

Settling for mediocrity in marriage, as parents, in careers, friendship, faith or ministry is not bold. God wants us to pursue everything we do with intensity and decisiveness. This means we are frequently checking the pulse of our pursuits and rapidly responding when we get a distress signal.

Is your marriage (especially in bed) ho-hum? Find some bold ways to rev it back up. Are your kids struggling? Don’t just shrug and follow the “traditional wisdom,” think creatively about taking brave actions no one else would.

Do your prayers feel more like talking to the ceiling fan than conversations with a wise, cherished friend? Do something wild and new to transform.

Don’t confuse boldness with arrogance or recklessness. When your bold actions are paired with love, respect and clarity the results will translate as conviction with complete humility.

Jesus has a bold message and He is asking you to not only share it, but live it! Bold is truly better.

"Going Boldly" Blog Tour Grand Prize
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Instructions to Enter the Grandprize Drawing:
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Each blog tour host will draw one name from those comments to send to the tour coordinator by September 21.
The coordinator will put all the names into a drawing, and select a winner, using an online randomizer.
The coordinator will notify the blog tour host who submitted the winning name.
The blog tour host will notify the winner and collect the mailing info so the author can send out the prize.

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