Wednesday, January 2, 2013

An Uncommon Grace

Author: Serena B. Miller
Publisher: Howard Books
April 2012
ISBN: 978-1-4516-6030-2
Genre: Amish

Grace Connor served overseas as a nurse in Afghanistan. But when her grandma suffered a heart attack, she heads home to care for her. She is wondering what she will do with her life, maybe serve as a nurse in the United States rather the military, but that decision will be made after Grandma heals.

Levi Troyer is running errands. His mother has started laundry when he left, but when he returns home the laundry is unfinished and no one answers his frantic calls. He finds his step-father dead in the front room, murdered in cold blood, and his mother is bleeding out upstairs, and going into labor with the new little one she’s expecting.

Levi runs for help, next door, to Grace’s grandma’s house. Grace is quick to help, getting the mother to the hospital before she dies, finding care for the younger children and taking Levi to the children’s hospital to visit the newborn baby once it’s delivered by c-section. But as Levi and Grace continue to be forced together they develop feelings—ones that could cost one of them everything.

AN UNCOMMON GRACE is a sweet Amish romance about the most conservative of all Amish – the Swartzentruber Amish. Even though most Amish fiction is written about Old-Order, this group is even more conservative. They don’t allow a lot of things that even most Old-Order allows. It was fascinating getting to know Levi Troyer and Grace Connor and I was curious about how this book would play out. 4 stars. $15.00. 351 pages


Juanita Cook said...

Will this book be on amazon as well? I hope it is.

Serena Miller said...

What a lovely review, Laura! Thank you so much! Juanita--yes, its on Amazon.

Juanita Cook said...

Glad it will be on amazon. I loved your review so I will be wanting to get this book. It sounds so good.