Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Questions of Life

Author: Nicky Gumbel
Publisher: Alpha International Press
ISBN: 978-1-934564-66-0
Genre: Christian Life

The Alpha Course – in book form. That pretty much says it all. Nicky Gumbel shares his own personal journey from atheist, to agnostic, to acknowledging Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Nicky is the pioneer of the Alpha Course, which ( in Nicky’s own words ) “is designed for non-churchgoers  those seeking to find out more about Christianity, and those who have recently come to faith in Jesus Christ.”

QUESTIONS OF LIFE contemplates fifteen crucial questions that need answers if one is to be an authentic follower of Jesus. Questions like: “Is There More To Life Than This?”, “Why Did Jesus Die?”, and “How Can I Make The Most Of The Rest Of My Life?” In this book, Nicky covers topics such as faith, prayer, the Scriptures, the Holy Spirit, and the Church. He also tackles some sticky questions such as “How Can I Be Filled With The Holy Spirit?”, and “Does God Heal Today?” And he does so in a careful, candid, and clear manner, anticipating and responding to side questions that are sure to pop up.

QUESTIONS OF LIFE is a warm-hearted conversation from one believer to those who may be sitting on the fence, dipping a toe in the water, or taking the plunge into Christianity for the first time. I’m reminded of an illustration that fits this book: “Christianity is just one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.” Are you hungry? 5 stars. 213 pages. $11.86.

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