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How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare

How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare
Adult. Price $25.00
Crown Publishers

How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare is a professional looking hardback book with a dustcover that will show parents and teachers how to set teach their children Shakespeare.

In How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare Mr. Ludwig provides the tools to instill children (and adults) with a lifelong love and 
understanding of Shakespeare, without being overwhelming.

Like learning a foreign language, the sooner one starts learning, the better. It will help to enrich their minds, by including historical lessons in Shakespearean theater and the Elizabethan time period. It includes photos from different stage and film  versions of Shakespeare’s plays.

How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare helps you teach children
> how to memorize lines and passages from plays
> how to understand the plot, characters and language
> how Shakespeare’s themes apply today

Plays included are:
Ø      A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Ø      Twelfth night
Ø      Romeo and Juliet
Ø      MacBeth
Ø      Hamlet
And more.

How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare starts simply enough. To learn the beginning lines of Shakespeare, you begin with a few words. “I know a bank” then you say it over and over, out loud, several times. After you master those four words, you move on, “where the wild thyme grows.” You say that the same way until it is mastered, then you say the parts together. “I know a bank where the wild thyme grows.”  

Memorizing is the key in this book, but he will answer some important questions. Why memorize it? And why Shakespeare? It also teaches you the value in knowing Shakespeare—and why his writing is “The Bible of all great literature.” It also will instill self-confidence in your children and teach them different vocabulary as well as the history of how our English language grew and changed in the years since Shakespeare.

Included at the back of the book is a chronological listing of Shakespeare’s plays, additional longer passages to memorize, the author’s favorite epigrams, quotations, and more. 

This book does not include Shakespeare's Sonnets. 

If you want to teach your children Shakespeare, this is an invaluable research. The technique also works for teachers in a public school setting or for drama teachers or play directors. Recommended. Laura V. Hilton

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