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The Secrets of Happy Families

Book Info and Review
About the book: The book that revolutionized our view of what makes families happy . . .

Determined to find the smartest solutions and the most cutting-edge research about families, bestselling author and New York Times family columnist Bruce Feiler gathered team-building exercises and problem-solving techniques from the most creative minds---from Silicon Valley to the Green Berets---and tested these ideas with his wife and kids. The result is a lively, original look at how we can create stronger parent/child relationships, manage the chaos of our lives, teach our kids values and grit, and have more fun together.

The Secrets of Happy Families includes more than two hundred unique practices that will help your family draw closer and make everyone in your home happier. It has already changed the lives of millions of families, and it can do the same for yours.

I wasn't too sure about THE SECRETS OF HAPPY FAMILIES when I picked it up. Just glancing at a few pages made me wonder if it was a punch of psychological mumbo-jumbo and thus, pretty worthless.

Okay. There is a lot in the book that doesn't apply to me. This book is geared in the beginning toward families where Mom and Dad both work and the kids are going in five hundred different directions and family togetherness just doesn't happen. Admittedly, my family is a throw-back to another generation. My husband works outside the home, I work at home, and homeschool. The home is the nucleus.  We eat meals together and spend a lot of time together.  (People have referred to us as "The Waltons." )

But there are some parts that are good for all families.  For those of us growing up in families where "sex" is not discussed, that seems to the way we raise our kids. It gives detailed advice on how to have that talk with your kids. It also gives a summary on Dr. Gary Chapman's Five Love Languages that is invaluable. I gave the book to my three older children to read - and to take what they will out of it.

This is actually a much better, much more informative book that first glance allows. It is an invaluable tool for families whether you are all running five hundred different directions or whether you are a throw-back to "The Waltons."

Parts of the book are boring and skimming inducing. Others are not so much. Still, I recommend for all families, pastors, church libraries, family counselors, and more. $14.99.  320 pages. 4 stars.

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Meet the Author: Bruce Feiler writes a column in contemporary families for the New York Times and is the author of six consecutive New York Times bestsellers, including The Council of Dads. He is the host of several series on PBS, a popular lecturer, and a frequent commentator on radio and television. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and twin daughters.

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