Thursday, April 10, 2014

Would You Do What They Did?

Author: William Dean Hamilton
Publisher: Crosslink Publishing
September 2013
ISBN: 978-1-936746-64-4
Genre: Nonfiction / biographies

Come, tame a wolf, flee from the wrath of the king, feel the horror of impending doom on a ship, and the uncertainty of one's own salvation with these great heroes of the faith. 

Would You Do what they Did? Great Christian Leaders from our Past is a creative nonfiction collection of biographies of Martin Luther, Francis of Assisi, John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church, and Thomas Becket. It is written in plain, modern English for the average reader to enjoy.

WOULD YOU DO WHAT THEY DID? is a creative nonfiction collection of “biographies” that maybe somewhat true, but the author rewrote the stories to fit his taste and style instead of how it really happened. To be fair, he does state what is changed in an effort to “make the characters come alive” as he states in the introduction. This is the story of Catholicism and Reformation, but also the story of people who lived and died for the faith.

I was looking for a good collection of biographies of Christian leaders for my tween daughter to study as part of her homeschool and I was excited to receive this book for review from Book Crash for that purpose. It has plenty of margin space, and it is simply written with easily understood words.

The main character written about was Francis of Assisi, and to a much lesser extent, the other three. I was curious about the unequal featuring of the Christian heroes.  There were also many spelling, punctuation, and basic sentence structure issues that distracted the reader, and a good editing could have fixed this.

I am not Catholic but Protestant, and I was glad to see the Methodist and Lutheran church beginnings have a nod in this book.  If you are interested in actual biographies – this is not the book. But it is an easy read, and since the correct events are listed (as changes) then you will have the facts. Rather pricey at $20.95.  310 pages.  3 stars. 

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