Monday, October 6, 2014

Life on the Family Farm

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Author: Tom Heck
Publisher: Life Sentence Publishing, LLC
September 2014
ISBN: 978-1622451593
Genre: Nonfiction / farm life / memoir

“You are the most God-gifted writer I’ve ever had,” Tom’s college professor told him. However, Tom quit college; his love of farming drew him back to the farm. Thirty years later, Tom picked up the pen again, drawing readers into farming adventures with him. In these exciting and uplifting true stories, he shares his love of farming, family, and God. His unique writing style brings the reader right alongside him and his family as they work on their northern Wisconsin dairy farm.

Tom’s stories have spread like wildfire from his hometown newspaper to papers across America. Readers tell him, “Please don’t quit writing.” Others ask him, “When are you going to make it a book?” Due to popular demand here it is.

From quotes like “Dad, I really enjoyed fixing that with you” to “She’s a dead cow don’t call me anymore,” these engaging stories will keep you turning the pages to read one story, then another. As you do, you will be blessed as so many others have been.

Come, read, and enjoy our farm life with us.

LIFE ON THE FAMILY FARM is a collection of essays or articles that Mr. Heck wrote for newspapers. The stories are true, engaging, and realistic. I emphasized with him as he wrote about picking up rocks in the fields every spring and the necessity to make that tiring, dirty job fun.

A popular article among his readers, this collection is sure to be treasured as people relive their lives on the farm, want to see what farming is like, or remember visiting their grandparents… A great collection of stories that I enjoyed reading and recommend to anyone who likes memoirs or farm stories.

$4.99 Kindle. $14.99 paperback. 256 pages.

About the Author

Tom Heck, his wife Joanne, and their two children, Catherine and Joshua, own and operate a thirty-five cow, 159-acre dairy farm in northwestern Wisconsin. Tom, having been raised on a dairy farm and now owning his own, shares with his readers the many joys, triumphs and challenges of having a small family farm in the northwoods. 

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