Monday, October 20, 2014

Spring Broke

Author: Melody Carlson
Publisher: David C. Cook
March 2009
ISBN: 978-1589191075
Genre: Chick lit

With creditors hounding her and all her available cash going to make payments on her debt, Kendall's spendthrift lifestyle has finally caught up with her. To complicate matters, she's pregnant and not sure who the father is.

Kendall needs help, but her roommates are caught up in problems of their own: Megan is trying to manage her crazy boss and remain true to her Christian principles. Lelani is still trying to work up the nerve to go home to Maui for a visit with her parents and her young daughter. And after a gaffe on her first job, Anna is trying to regain credibility in the workplace without relying too heavily on Edmund.

So when Lelani's parents offer to host the girls in Hawaii, it sounds like the vacation everyone needs—and no one can afford. A really big garage sale is scheduled, but fraying tempers threaten the teamwork needed to pull it off. Will they finally turn to the One who can really help?

When you've got your first apartment, a real job, and grown-up responsibilities, life can be tough—loaded with confusion, emotion, and secrets you can't tell to anyone but God. In the 86 Bloomberg Place series, Melody Carlson has captured all the uncertainty and joy of being twenty-something in pitch-perfect detail—and their stories just might sound like someone you know.

Oh the drama! I did read the other three books in this series, I Heart Bloomberg, Let Them Eat Fruitcake, and Three Weddings and a Barmitzah, but it was been awhile, so I forgot how dramatic these four girls are. They are each dealing with their own trials and issues, and try to get along with each other, but with four different personalities in the same house, tempers do flare.

Ms. Carlson is a very prolific author, and very talented, handling whatever genre she writes in well. If you like chick lit – then you won’t want to miss any of the books in the 86 Bloomberg Place series. Available in Kindle, paperback, or audio.

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Judy said...

Good review Laura! I've enjoyed the books that I have read by Melody Carlson.

Judy B