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Team Bride: A Christian Romance

Team Bride: A Christian Romance

Riverbend Romance Book 4 

Kindle Edition

by Valerie Comer

  • 101 pages
  • Publisher: GreenWords Media  
  • October 31, 2015
  • ASIN: B0150K6TWW

An Autumn Romance

A Christian Romance Novella 

Sarah Jamieson has avoided weddings since a traumatic stint as a flower girl, but reluctantly agrees to stand up for her best friend. Only why does the best man have to be one of those confident, life-of-the-party types? Even worse, why does the bride make her promise to go on one date with the guy? Easy enough to agree, because she'll make sure he never asks. 

Corbin Morrissey takes his responsibilities for Team Groom very seriously, but coaxing smiles out of the maid-of-honor is harder — and more addictive — than he expected. To his surprise, she agrees to go out. There really isn't any way a date to the Fall Fair could go amiss. Is there? 

Can Corbin convince Sarah he's ready to settle down and make her the head of her own Team Bride, or will their past keep getting in the way? 

Welcome to Riverbend!

1. Secretly Yours 
2. Pinky Promise 
3. Sweet Serenade 
4. Team Bride 

Riverbend, BC, is the quaint Canadian town you wish you were from, where everyone knows everyone, seasons are celebrated, and love is in the air. 

The Riverbend Romance Novellas are a series of contemporary Christian romance stories. These inspirational romance novellas are heart-warming shorter reads with true-to-life (but fictional) characters who face challenges in finding their one true love. 

My thoughts: TEAM BRIDE is a totally cute romance of an unlikely couple. Sarah doesn't even like Corbin at first.  I saw the black moment coming from the very beginning, and it was as black as I imagined... maybe even blacker.  I like how Ms. Comer showed how opposites attract and how a man should act when he's smitten with a woman.  My husband and I are like Corbin and Sarah, with he more of a risk taker and me more of a happy on solid ground type person.  This was a quick read, easily read in a couple hours. I highly recommend this book and any of the others in this collection. Ms. Comer is one of my favorite Indie authors. 

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