Sunday, February 7, 2016

Interview with Dawn Cahill


1.      How long have you been writing?
I started and stopped many a book over the years, but really got serious just two and a half years ago, after encouragement from my sister. Since then, I self-published two books - a short story and a novel, finished another novel, and am currently working on two more. Plus I hold down a full-time job!

2.      Where is your favorite place to write?
In my son’s former bedroom, now my writing room.

3.      Do you have any habits while writing?
I like to have a crossword puzzle next to me, and somehow, when I get stuck, it “unsticks” the creative flow.

4.      What genre do you write and how did you choose that genre?
My Hot Topic series is women’s fiction, and Seattle Trilogy is mystery. Because I like to read these genres, I challenged myself to write them as well.

5.      Tell us about your latest book.
Identical twins…a suspicious death…a family secret. Sapphire Secrets has it all, plus a dash of romance. And Livy is the only one who saw what really happened. If only she could remember…
Also check out its prequel, “When Lyric Met Limerick,” a cute romance. You could call it an appetizer for the main course.

6.      What 3 things do you want us to know about you?

a.       Dawn V. Cahill is my pen name. Under a pseudonym, I can be as transparent as I need to be when blogging about subjects such as parental abuse. God has used the dark times of my life to encourage others who are broken in the same places as me.

b.  My blog category “Crumpets and Tea” is for single moms to find encouragement in the toughness of their everyday lives. These two posts are my favorites:

c.  I’ve written probably a hundred limericks in my life.

7.      What tips do you have for aspiring authors?
Join writers organizations, get critique partners, improve, study the style of authors you admire and try to analyze what they do well, enter contests and take the judges’ feedback seriously. Most important of all, determine your calling or purpose. Are you called to write, or wired to write? If you have the passion to write, then make the commitment.

8.      What is your next project?
Putting my debut novel out in paperback. Right now it’s only available in Kindle.

9.      Where can we find your books?

10.  Thank you for being here. Do you have any parting words?

I do a giveaway periodically for new subscribers to my blog. Hop over to and sign up. You might win an ebook. And I’ll be posting updates on my publishing progress, cover reveals, and launch, so stay tuned!

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