Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The End of the Rainbow

The End of the Rainbow
Parent/Teacher. Price $25.95
The New Press
The End of the Rainbow is available in ebook and hard cover. It is written for adults who are teaching children (and adults) whether at home or in a school setting that educating for happiness (and not money) would transform schools and learning.  
The End of the Rainbow shows what the author, Susan Engel, believes schools should look like, with core goals such as: developing conversational habits and discourse skills, identifying students interests and gifts and allow them to pursue it. She also recognizes that reading and math skills are necessary.
The six chapters included are:
Ø      The Money Trail
Ø      How Money Improvises Education
Ø      Rich or Poor, It’s Good to Have Money
Ø      How Happiness Enriches Schools
Ø      A Blueprint for Well-Being
Ø      What We Should Measure
The End of the Rainbow is relevant as it redefines how we think of and measure success. It will help jump-start changes in the future of American education.

Written in a semi-readable manner (not an across the kitchen table conversational style, this is more advanced educational style), it is a thought-provoking call for parents and educators to consider. This is a book that needs to be read slowly while you evaluate the ideas presented.

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