Saturday, April 2, 2016

Write Back Soon!: Adventures in Letter Writing

Write Back Soon!: Adventures in Letter Writing

Grades K - adult. Price $16.95
Roost Books / Shambhale Publications, Inc.
Write Back Soon! is available in paperback. It is a collection of great tips, trivia and an encyclopedia of information about how to write letters, postcards or notes.
In Write Back Soon, Karen Benke encourages the reader to “rip the page and leap write in!” She also includes interesting things such as:
Ø                Send it in seventeen syllables: write a postcard as an American haiku
Ø                Send a “to do list”: Write a letter to your grandma, aunt, or best friend and tell them everything you have to do.
Ø                What you can send through the mail: An invaluable list of things to send, along with a note to include with it. (Some suggestions are interesting, such as a potato with a note “French fries or paper weight?”)
Ø                Sixty-five opportunities to send more light: How to write encouraging notes for loved ones or random strangers to brighten their day
Ø                Greetings and goodbyes: in case you don’t know how to start or end a letter
Ø                Reminders, suggestions, good luck, advice: in case you need to write a note about any of these topics
Ø                Kinds of correspondence, a list of states and abbreviations, and more!
Write Back Soon is a fantastic guide about writing. It encourages people to stop texting (or find other ways to communicate in addition to texting). It teaches everything you need to know, including how to address envelopes. Highly recommended to teach (or learn) the art of letter writing. Something that is needed even in this day and age! 

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