Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The Lost Heir (Within the Castle Gates Book 3)


The Lost Heir 

(Within the Castle Gates Book 3) 

Ebook, print

by Candee Fick  (Author)

  • Publication Date : October 5, 2020
  • Print Length : 141 pages

In Regency England, news travels slowly. Especially in Yorkshire.

Overnight, Kathleen Harris, a foundling raised by a vicar and his wife, becomes the ward of the Earl of Wiltshire and is set on a direct path to a London season. Now miles from home, will her heart outgrow her small Yorkshire village and the love of her childhood friend?

Reuben Cooke, a quality weaver in a region where the woolen industry thrives, supports his widowed mother and hopes to marry soon. However, after the local vicar dies, his dreams of a quiet life with Kathleen at his side quickly unravel as they are ripped apart by societal conventions.

Can true love survive the distance when the road back to happily-ever-after is littered with secrets, a scandal, and a shocking revelation?

If you like faith-based fiction, sweet romance, and satisfying emotional reunions, then you’ll love this Regency era tale from the Within the Castle Gates series by Candee Fick. Get The Lost Heir and be spun into another world.

My thoughts (lvh):  THE LOST HEIR is book 3 in this series  of novellas.  I will  readily admit that I am not a fan of historicals, and this one starts with the mandatory death.... sigh. But it got the heroine where she needed to be.

The story was told more than shown,  and seemed rather disjointed, but it all  fell together when unexpected plot twist (to me) made it come alive and hard to put down.

Fans of Regencies will devour this novella and beg for more by this author.

Grab your copy of THE LOST HEIR today.

I was given a copy free.  All opinions are my own.


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