Monday, July 21, 2008

The Face

Author: Angela Hunt
Publisher: Mira Books
November 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2727-1
Genre: Women’s fiction

Dr. Renee Carey is cleaning out her deceased mother’s storage unit, when she discovers a box of files. In going through these files, she is stunned to learn that her deceased brother, Kevin, worked for the CIA and that the child his wife had given birth to days before she died, wasn’t stillborn as Renee always believed, but instead Sarah Sims is somewhere in the world, alive, but with a birth defect so rare that Renee had never heard of it.

Sarah has undergone numerous surgeries to give herself the face she was born without, but now it resembled that of a female Frankenstein. She’s twenty years old, and lives in a former nun’s convent, working for the CIA on detailed computer programs.

Renee does whatever she needs to do to try to reach out to Sarah, but the CIA seem determined to keep them apart. When Renee does break through the barriers, is it going to be everything she expects? Or will freeing Sarah from the compound she’s held in mean paying a higher than expected price?

When I see Angela Hunt as the author, I know that she is going to be thinking outside the box. Ms. Hunt is a hit-or-miss author for me. I am going to say that I did enjoy reading THE FACE very much, however, I didn’t care much for the ending, and that did overshadow my earlier impression.

I enjoyed learning about Renee and Sarah, and hoped that it work out for them. There is also a lot of information about the birth defect Sarah was born with and was surprised to learn that it really exists. THE FACE is not an inspirational book, per se, but since Ms. Hunt is an inspirational author, there are some small mentions of her faith that Christian readers will pick up on. If you are a fan of Ms. Hunt, you will not want to miss THE FACE. $6.99. 384 pages.


Angela said...
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Angela said...

Thank you for reviewing my book. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I'd love to add that it is completely an inspirational book. It is an allegory, and after you read it (because here come spoilers), you can visit my web site and look for the discussion guide on the page "For Readers." The questions will give you help in unpacking the layers of the story.

Thanks again!


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