Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Silver Sword

Author: Angela Elwell Hunt
Publisher: Waterbrook Press
ISBN: 978-0-307-45809-4
Genre: Inspirational/women’s fiction (part contemporary/part historical)

Kathleen O’Connor is spending time at the library researching a topic for her English class (she is an English major) when a middle-aged professor approaches her with a fantastical tale about how she must be related to an ancient Irish Princess named Cahira who shared the same unique physical attributes that Kathleen has. Kathleen is prepared to blow it off, thinking that this was a unique pickup method from an older man, but then she decided what if Cahira’s story is more than just a charming legend.

Kathleen discovers four O’Connor women, all related, all sharing her own unique features, all two hundred years apart. And all four fought in wars masquerading as men. Intrigued, Kathleen picks one of the women, Anika of Prague and decides to write her research paper on Anika.

Anika is seeking safety from her enemies, and seeks refuge in a coat of armor. Retreating to the castle of Lord John of Chlum, she joins the knights who are advancing religious reformation among the churches of Bohemia. Will Anika’s quest bring her love, or cost her more than she’s prepared to pay?

THE SILVER SWORD is book one of Ms. Hunt’s newest series. I admit to picking it up thinking, oh no, another historical Irish story…but from the moment I read the prologue to the moment I finished the epilogue I remained intrigued by this story.

Kathleen is a modern heroine with a passion for her family’s history, though she didn’t have as much time to pursue it with her trying to earn a college degree in English. I bonded instantly with her and was interested in her history. And Anika, though ancient, had a story that readers will not soon forget. A preview of the second book in the series, The Golden Cross, is included at the rear of the book. Originally published in 1997, this is a reissue. $6.99. 403 pages.

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