Thursday, March 11, 2010

Found Art

Title: FOUND ART: Discovering Beauty in Foreign Places
Author: Leeana Tankersley
Publisher: Zondervan
January 2010
ISBN: 978-0-310-29133-6
Genre: Inspirational/memoir

We all go to foreign places—whether we leave our own backyard and traveling to another nation, or whether we’re entering a period of life unfamiliar to us. And the uncommon is sometimes a difficult thing to encounter. We feel like we stand out like a sore thumb, that everyone is staring at us—or that, even worse, no one notices us.

FOUND ART is a memoir of Ms. Tankersley’s experience in the Middle East when she lived there with her Navy SEAL husband. And as such an experience would warrant, Ms. Tankersley found that her life has been forever impacted.

FOUND ART is a different sort of book than what I thought it was. Maybe I didn’t read the description good enough, but I got the impression that the book was a collection of photographs that were taken in the Middle East. And I was kind of interested in seeing them. I didn’t realize this was a memoir until I actually picked it up to read it—and thought this is reading like her personal story—where are the pictures?

Well, there aren’t any.

But, the story is very well told, even engaging, and I understand what Ms. Tankersley is trying to convey with this book. Unknown, unexplored places and circumstances change us. Sometimes for the good. Sometimes not. Sometimes its all in how you react to it. But God can use anything—a year in the Middle East, a cancer diagnosis, infertility, or unemployment—to change us. And if we rest in Him, confident that He knows what He is doing, then we will find beauty in foreign places.

If you like memoirs, then do pick up FOUND ART. And Ms. Tankersley, if you are following your blog tour, congratulations on the birth of your twins (which I assume where born by now, since you announced their pending arrival in the last chapter.)
Discussion prompts are included at the end of the book. $16.99. 220 pages.

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Meet the author of Found Art, Leeana Tankersley.

Leeana Tankersley
A native of San Diego, Leeana Tankersley received her B.S. in English from Liberty University and her M.A. in English from West Virginia University. After marrying her husband, Steve, Leeana lived in the Middle East during the Iraq war and returned to San Diego to work at Flood Church. She and Steve now live in Coronado, California with their twins Luke and Lane.

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