Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Case of the Mystified M.D.

Author: A. K. Arenz
Publisher: Sheaf House
July 2009
ISBN: 978-0-979-74856-1
Genre: Inspirational/mystery

Glory Harper and her sister, Jane, are walking on the trail with their puppy when they notice an awful smell, and the puppy finds a severed hand. Glory recognizes the ring on the hand as belonging to a missing professor, and notifies the police. The professor, a blatant opponent to anything religious is on a lot of people’s radar, and the murderer could be almost anyone in town. Glory’s sister, Jane, even seems to be a person of interest since her home fire was arson and she admits to arguing with the professor before hand.

When Glory’s boss orders her to go to the professor’s house to retrieve the semester grades (which he hadn’t turned in), Glory balks, but when her job is threatened, she gives in. There she finds another woman hiding in the closet, and soon after several other people arrive. The Detective in charge of the case (and Glory’s romantic interest) is soon hot on their heels.

Will Glory be able to stay uninvolved in this case, since the Detective orders her to? Or will her relationship with the Detective survive another murder case?

THE CASE OF THE MYSTRIFIED M.D. is the second book in Ms. Arenz’s Bouncing Grandma Mysteries. I enjoy this plucky grandma and getting to know her, as well as the scraps that she gets into.

Glory is realistic (and a lot like me in some ways) so I could totally relate to her. Her more “grownup” sister, Jane, is a nice side-kick, and the town is full of colorful individuals who add their own unique touch to the story. If you are looking for a cute, funny mystery, then THE CASE OF THE MYSTRIFIED M.D. would be the perfect book to consider. The third book in the series is coming out in the fall of 2010. $12.99. 368 pages.

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