Friday, November 5, 2010

Dawn's Prelude

Author: Tracie Peterson
Publisher: Bethany House
September 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7642-0151-6
Genre: Inspirational/historical

Lydia Gray’s father gave her away in a business arrangement at the tender age of sixteen. Twelve years later, her husband finally dies. Lydia really doesn’t mourn the loss of her husband as he was a harsh, abusive man, and she is thankful to be free. Her stepchildren are materialistic, determined not to let Lydia see a penny of the fortune, and not even giving her a month to get out of the house.

Through some unforeseen events, Lydia and her step-children are shocked to learn that Lydia is the sole recipient of her late-husband’s fortune. But instead of providing security, instead war breaks out in the Gray mansion as the step-children fight to regain the inheritance for themselves.

When Lydia washes her hands of the situation and flees to Alaska to stay with an aunt, she leaves the financial situation in the hands of her lawyer. But as Lydia begins to find a new life in Sitka and a new love with Kjell Lindquist, her security is once again threatened as her past intrudes. What more will Lydia be forced to give up?

DAWN’S PRELUDE is the first book in the Songs of Alaska series, by Ms. Peterson. The story is really slow starting, as it begins with the funeral of Lydia’s husband, and the children arguing, while she sits in a corner and rocks. I was quite disappointed by the beginning as it didn’t do much to draw me into the story and I struggled to keep reading. Normally I’m engaged in Ms. Peterson’s books right away.

Lydia does begin to show some spunk and courage as the book progresses and by the time she actually decides to go to Alaska it gets interesting. But to me, this book didn't quite match my expectations. There are also some things that made me wonder if Ms. Peterson did the research she usually does. However-- If you are looking for a new historical fiction to read and like Ms. Peterson’s books, then you will want to pick up a copy of DAWN’S PRELUDE at your favorite bookseller. $13.99. 335 pages.

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