Monday, November 8, 2010

A Woman and Her Workplace

Author: Rosemary Flaaten
Publisher: Beacon Hill Press
September 2010
ISBN: 978-0834125230
Genre: Business & Economics

A WOMAN AND HER WORKPLACE helps women learn how to relate to the different women they work with. It will help you to discover (or rediscover) your purpose at work, to be an agent of change who builds relational bridges.

When women work outside the home, they quickly discover that one person they work with becomes a best friend, while another becomes a bitter enemy. Why is that? How can we keep for making enemies at work, and have a congenial relationship with everyone in the workplace?

A WOMAN AND HER WORKPLACE will show you how to allow God to transform your heart so that His love and care will flow through you to the people you are around. The author will show you how to recognize and stand against attitudes that wreak havoc on workplace relationships and help you replace them with strong biblical principles of humility, integrity, forgiveness, grace, and celebration. The author uses the biblical account of Esther as an example for us to follow.

A WOMAN AND HER WORKPLACE is a book that would have been beneficial to me when I first started working at a “Christian” university. I had worked in the secular field for years, and had no problems, but I was shocked how a “Christian” establishment has so many unkind, back-stabbing individuals in it. I did become best friends with one person there, while another became a bitter enemy, and that is sad. I would have enjoyed being able to learn from this book.

Even as a stay-at-home mom and a writer, I do come in contact with people that “rub me the wrong way.” So this book will be helpful as I try to show God working through me to everyone I come in contact with.

Each chapter could work as a devotional, starting with a story, then the Esther connection, then verses to study, an application, and three or four questions (with room to answer) for you to consider. It could work to study with a friend too. I highly recommend A WOMAN AND HER WORKPLACE to any woman who works outside the home (or comes into daily contact with others, if they do work from the home). $14.99. 192 pages.

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