Wednesday, April 20, 2011

As Grandma Says

Written by: Judith Robl
Illustrated by: Audrey Jeanne Roberts
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
February 2011
ISBN: 978-0-7369-3004-8
Genre: Inspirational/gift book

Written in a devotional style, AS GRANDMA SAYS is an adorable hardcover gift book that draws on Ms. Robl’s grandmother’s lifetime of experiences. This book will take you down memory lane as it helps you recall timeless wisdom you were taught as a child.

Each story has a Bible verse, then a short story that emphasizes the verse, and is followed by a short prayer. Beautiful artwork of birds, flowers, butterflies, and more accompany the stories, making this book a pleasure to read.

I enjoyed reading through AS GRANDMA SAYS and love the beautiful pictures, especially of the purple irises on the cover. They were my mother’s favorite flower and it really endeared the book to me right from the start.

Each story is entitled with a maxim we learned as a child, such as: Time and Tide Wait for No Man, Beauty is Only Skin Deep, Lay All Your Cards on the Table, Never Judge a Book by Its Cover, and more. This gets you thinking about the proverb before you even start reading. By the time you finish each short section, you have something to think about and ponder. And with each story taking a page or less, it is easy to read here and there.

This is a perfect gift for a special adult in your life. 50 pages. $12.99 hardcover.

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