Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Gospel Story Bible

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Title: THE GOSPEL STORY BIBLE: Discovering Jesus in the Old and New Testaments
Author: Marty Machowski
Illustrator: A. E. Macha
Publisher: New Growth Press
December 2011
ISBN: 978-1-936768-12-7
Genre: Children Bible story book/ devotional

THE GOSPEL STORY BIBLE is a wonderful addition to your day. I am using it as a devotional for my nine-year-old to do daily. It starts out with a scripture reading (your child looks it up in your preferred Bible version), and then it tells the story in a simple story form, which will make the Bible reading come to life. It also includes an application—how your child can apply it to their own life—and two or three questions for your child to answer. I have my daughter answer them out loud. The pages and illustrations are brightly colored and hold the child’s attention.

If you don’t have an elementary age child, then THE GOSPEL STORY BIBLE can be used as a story book for preschoolers or beginning readers. My six-year-old cuddled in my lap while I read her a page out of this Bible each day.

There are 158 stories in THE GOSPEL STORY BIBLE designed to present God’s plan of salvation in Christ—from the beginning story in Genesis, to the final story in Revelations.

THE GOSPEL STORY BIBLE is even ideal for highschoolers who might not have been raised in church, or just want to get back to the basics of the Bible with stories they might not have heard for a long time.

I’m a homeschool mom and can see getting a lot of use out of THE GOSPEL STORY BIBLE. My daughter read through a Bible school book in a short time and this book is designed to take slower, a story a day, for the elementary age student. She loved it.

According to the flyer I received with this book, the author is also developing a companion devotional and Sunday school curriculum (February 2012). This Bible would be a great addition to church libraries, Sunday school classes and Christian schools, in addition to being invaluable to homeschoolers. Highly recommended. $24.99 hardcover. 328 pages.


GABixler said...

My friend Bettie E. Tucker, wrote The Children's Rhyming Bible, which is similar to this, rhyming as opposed to stories. I think it is so important to help children learn the stories, as opposed to forcing them to "read" the Bible. I personally grew up on the King James version and admit that I never did understand what was said many times...It has been through stories, poetry, and, yes, novels, that many authors have helped others to better understand His story! This sounds like a great addition! Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

this sounds like one we would enjoy. this is going on my "to get" list. Thanks for the review!