Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Log Cabin Christmas - review 3

Authors: Various
Publisher: Barbour Books
September 2011
ISBN: 978-1-61626-478-9
Genre: Historical/Christmas/romance

Love is the best Christmas Gift for the American Pioneer. This book is a collection of several stories but I am going to be featuring a few stories on different days this week to give you a taste of the book.

The Dogtrot Christmas by Michelle Ule – Molly Faires’ brother is building a dog trot cabin on land he bought. Luis Vasco de Carvajal has been off to war. Now he returns to find out that his brother-in-law, Manuel, has sold off his property to Anglos and his family all believes he was dead. Now, Luis wants his land back and the settlers gone. But the blond blue-eyed woman living on his land has won his attention. Will they be able to settle the differences between the white man and the Mexicans?

A Grand County Christmas by Debra Ullrich – Awnya O’Crean is starving to death. Her father has died, leaving her alone and now she is reduced to hunting for wild life in a blizzard to survive. But when she finds a deer just waiting to be shot, Amadeus Josef stops her, claiming that’s his pet. But then Amadeus takes Awnya to his home to give her meat since he kept her from getting game. Amadeus has three children and his mother to care for, but he wants a wife. Within an hour after meeting, Amadeus is praying that God will make Awnya his bride for Christmas which is mere weeks away. But what will it take to convince Awnya that he is serious?

Christmas Service by Erica Vetsch – Beth Sorensen has her future all mapped out. She wants to marry a preacher like her grandfather and her father and serve God along side her husband in the church. Todd Rambek is a blacksmith, but he likes Beth and wants to spend his life with her by his side. What will it take to convince Beth that you don’t have to be a preacher to serve God?

These are just three of the nine stories in this best selling collection of stories by nine different authors. I thoroughly enjoyed reading these stories and know that this book will become a treasured Christmas reading tradition for me and many other people for years to come.

If you are looking for a great Christmas book for a gift or for yourself, then you can’t go wrong with A LOG CABIN CHRISTMAS. A fantastic book. $14.99. 442 pages.

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