Sunday, December 25, 2011

Love Finds You On Christmas Morning

Authors: Debby Mayne and Trish Perry
Publisher: Summerside Press
September 2011
ISBN: 978-0-60936-193-8
Genre: Inspirational/romance

Love Finds a home on Christmas morning in two holiday stories set in Cary, North Carolina.

Deck the Halls by Debby Mayne: Lillian Pickard’s family is struggling since her dad’s injury. He hasn’t been able to work and so Lillian is forced to go work at the local Five and Dime to put food on the table. The money doesn’t always stretch far enough so they live on a lot of potatoes and onions. But when wealthy William Tronnier starts paying attention to Lillian her family is wary and warn her away. Is William after only “one thing”? Or is it possible that he’s planning a proposal that she can’t refuse?

‘Tis the Season by Trish Perry: Nikki Tronnier is the granddaughter of William Tronnier, and moved back to Cary and works as a chef for a billionaire in the hopes of saving enough money to buy the family home. But as soon as she earns enough money to make a downpayment, someone else buys it from under her. Drew Cornell loves old houses, and he felt something special about the old Tronnier home. He plans on remodeling it to its historic beauty. Will that beauty also include a new bride?

LOVE FINDS YOU ON CHRISTMAS DAY is a charming addition to the Love Finds You line – I’ve read all the books I could get my hands on so far in this collection and am keeping tabs on what is coming out so I don’t miss a story (I hope). I love Christmas stories and Trish Perry’s books so I was especially looking forward to this novella collection.

Deck the Halls is a historical, and William is a dream come true. I found Lillian quite bitter and she treated William very ugly. I honestly didn’t understand what kept him coming around. But the story was very well written and I did keep reading, mainly because I loved William and his family. It did end well. ‘Tis the Season is in true Trish Perry style. A contemporary, it is fun and sassy and involved food. I thoroughly enjoyed this last story and rooted for both Nikki and Drew. There is a cookie recipe included in between the two stories. This is a fun holiday read. $12.99. 315 pages.

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