Monday, December 19, 2011

Holy Stable

Congratulations to Deb Ragno for winning the Christmas giveaway!

Title: HOLY STABLE: Celebrate the Miracle ( play)
Author: Heidi Hanseen
Publisher: Devout Press
August 2010
ISBN: 978-0-578-06315-7
Genre: Nativity play

HOLY STABLE is a complete guide to a nativity play for your church, homeschool group, other organization, or family to perform during the holidays.

The booklet includes the words for the narrative reading and songs, along with a cd with a first section that has readers, singers, and music so your actors can just do the motions without worrying about memorizing the lines.

The cd also includes a second, shorter section that is a musical version without additional hard interludes.

The third section is an instrumental background for your own vocals and actors.

The fourth is also the instrumental background with cues added to simplify the timing for your narrator.

Practice tracks are included at the end so the chorus and descant may be learned, without using any instruments.

You can also get a downloadable script by going to

HOLY STABLE is a cd and play set that will help you share the gift of Jesus’ love and will help you experience the story of Jesus’ birth as never before. Beautifully done, and appealing. Great for churches, homeschoolers and other religious organizations. $17.95.

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