Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Light in the Window

Title: A LIGHT IN THE WINDOW: An Irish Christmas Love Story
Author: Julie Lessman
Self published
November 2012
Genre: historical

Marceline Murphy is eighteen years old. Her father had just lost his job and the family moved back to Boston for Marcy’s senior year at the Catholic school. She is awarded a spot in the upcoming play, volunteers her old best friend, Julie O’Rourke as a pianist, and then goes to Jewel’s house to spend her first night back in Boston with her friend.

Patrick O’Connor has a bit of a reputation as a rogue and a heartbreaker. He and his best friend, Sam, work at the Herald but they find plenty of time to get into trouble. Especially when Patrick steals the key to the wine cabinet and they are caught drinking in a confessional by a priest. As punishment, the boys are forced into service building sets for the play.

Patrick is besotted by Marcy and is prepared to turn to even God to win this angel. But Marcy isn’t about to have her head turned by a playboy—and especially not one who her best friend loves. What will it take to bring these two together?

A LIGHT IN THE WINDOW is the story behind the story of A Passion Most Pure, and any of Ms. Lessman’s other books, all including the foundational characters Marcy and Patrick. Fans of Ms. Lessman’s work have long been waiting for this romance, written with Julie’s trademark description and passion.

Marcy and Patrick are both realistic characters and their relationship had a lot of ups and downs in it. Readers will be swept in from the first page, and won’t be able to put this story down. $7.38. 198 pages.

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Julie Lessman said...

Laura, thank you SO much, my friend, for this wonderful review!!

Bless you! :)