Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Key Witness

Author: Christy Barritt
Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense
February 2013
ISBN: 978-0373445271
Genre: Contemporary romantic suspense

Elle Philips is at the bank when two armed men burst in. A teller is killed and the customers all robbed—in addition to the bank. Elle grabs one of the men’s cell phones when he drops it and calls 9-1-1, sending the police out. But the robbers escape, but not before threatening Elle with a slow painful death. She doesn’t take them too seriously. They don’t know who she is…but then her picture appears in the paper—front page—for her senator father’s new campaign.

When Elle gets texts and notes continuing to threaten her, her father hires Mark Denton to be a body guard. Mark is a former Navy SEAL, and one of the best. But that doesn’t even seem to thwart the ones threatening Elle. They show up with pictures of her taken that morning at breakfast—and when she flees to her family’s home, she is followed—and then discovers the gate keeper has been killed.

When the robbers' true motives are revealed…and Elle becomes a target in the ultimate plot of revenge, , Mark will have to trust his judgment and his faith to keep Elle safe.

KEY WITNESS is one of the best Love Inspired Suspense books I’ve read in ages. It is Christy’s best romantic suspense book. I really enjoyed it.  Elle and Mark are both real characters, thrust into contact with a seemingly random act of the depravity of mankind, but one that quickly turned into the ultimate game of cat and mouse.

If you like romantic suspense, you’ll want to read this one. Discussion questions are included in the back of the book. Don’t miss KEY WITNESS. Highly recommended. $5.75. 224 pages.

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