Monday, February 18, 2013

Picture Perfect

Author: Janice Thompson
Publisher: Revell
February 2013
ISBN: 978-0-8007-2152-7
Genre: Inspirational/contemporary romance

She's trying to focus on her future. How can one man make everything feel so . . . fuzzy?

Hannah McDermott has a successful photography studio. She'll soon be featured in Texas Bride magazine. And she has a celebrity client whose Galveston ceremony will be her ticket to the top spot on wedding coordinator Bella Neeley's list of recommended photographers. But it could all come crashing down around her because of one man: archrival and photographer extraordinaire Drew Kincaid.

As the competition between Hannah and Drew heats up, Hannah is surprised to find that it's not the only thing getting more intense. She can't get the handsome man out of her thoughts--or even out of her line of sight--and the job of her dreams is turning into a nightmare. Will everything she's worked for slip out of her hands? And can she see past her pride to find a picture-perfect love?

I love contemporary romances and greatly anticipated starting PICTURE PERFECT by Janice Thompson. It is the first book in her new series, Weddings by Design, and it is full of the humorous moments fans will expect.

 I did expect from the beginning (without reading the back cover) that Drew would be the hero and I looked forward to what promised to be a fun romance. Hannah is a bit self-centered, and could have used some more positive characteristics to go with it, to redeem her somewhat. And Drew didn’t seem to be fully developed. But the book is first person, Hannah’s point of view, so maybe that is why. Overall, it was a good read. 4 stars. $13.99. 336 pages. 

Author Janice Thompson is holding a Facebook Launch Party and will be giving away prizes on  MONDAY evening, February 18th.  The party is from 7 – 8 pm Central time.   To win the  grand prize of a Kindle Fire, you must be present at the end of the event.  For more details, sign in on the “Bella’s Back”  page here:!/groups/135412673290188/events/

A word from Janice:
Hi everyone! This is author Janice Thompson, here with a special invitation to my readers. To celebrate to release of my newest book, Picture Perfect, I’m hosting an online party! I’m calling this my “Bing & Bob” party and it will be held on the night of February 18th at 7:00 p.m. central time. Why Bing and Bob, you ask? These two funny fellas hold a special place in the heart of my characters and they will provide the entertainment at our gathering! This fun, interactive party will take place inside the “Bella’s Back” group on facebook. Join me for an interactive chat, video teasers, Bing Crosby music and giveaways! Yes, giveaways! Drawings will be held every ten minutes to give away free copies of the book. At the end of the hour, a very special drawing will be held to give away a brand new Kindle FireHow do you enter? Simple! Just join the “Bella’s Back” group. Once inside the group, you can enjoy a video welcome from yours truly and a sample from the Picture Perfect. This will give you a little taste of what’s coming at the party. I can’t wait to share this special evening with my readers to kick off my new Weddings by Design series! Bella’s back, y’all…and things in her world are as wacky and exciting as ever!

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