Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Positive Life Principles for Women

Author: Karol Ladd
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
February 2013
ISBN: 978-0736950114
Genre: Women’s issues

Few authors are better at communicating contagious enthusiasm for the truths of Scripture than bestselling author Karol Ladd. This dynamic little hardcover from "The Positive Lady" uses the Bible to encourage women to take their blunders and challenges and turn them around to be stepping-stones for growth, change, and maturity.

Short, pack-a-punch chapters offer readers "life lessons learned from slightly imperfect people," lessons such as

  • listen to the right voices, as shown by the life of Eve
  • guard against comparisons, from the life of Sarah
  • reach out and help others, demonstrated in the life of Ruth

POSITIVE LIFE PRINCIPLES FOR WOMEN is for the type of person who hopes to learn from her mistakes and become stronger despite adversity...and find hope, refreshment, and renewal for her "slightly imperfect" life.

POSITIVE LIFE PRINCIPLES FOR WOMEN showcases the lives of Eve, Sarah, Ruth, Rachel and Leah, Miriam, Esther, and Abigail, as well as lessons such as listen to the possibilities, be an encourager, face your fears, be proactive, etc. Discussion questions are included so you can use it as a group study guide.

 I like the small, compact, easy to carry in a purse or briefcase, size of this hardcover book, but I don’t like the tiny font. It makes it very hard to read for my middle-aged eyes. That is my only complaint about the book. I was constantly trying to adjust to find the best lighting to read the book. Otherwise, great book. Additional resources and notes are included at the end of the book for further study. $8.99 hardcover. 112 pages.

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