Saturday, March 30, 2013

Reality Check -- When Should I Start?

Reality Check -
When Should I Start?                        
By Wayne Nance

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In my Ten Point Plan on improving your health, fitness, and ultimately relationships point number two is the dreaded Reality Check.  This is where you take the doctor's brutally honest assessment of your overall health and DO something NOW to get fit.  In case you really follow the plan, and I am hoping that you do, you should weigh yourself first so that you can celebrate your results at the end of your fitness journey.

Here is where you commit to setting the "opportunity" clock to wake you up from 30 minutes to an hour earlier in the morning so that you can get busy with getting active.  I know this sounds very basic but get up and walk the dog, cat, pot bellied pig (no...I'm not referring to your spouse) and start with a short distance.

VERY IMPORTANT--->Don't forget to stretch those muscles first so they can wake up too.  You have to realize that this is new to them also and they will fight back at first until you show them who is the boss.

My friend in NE Texas starts at 4:30 (now that is early) and lets his six year old Lab/Husky mix puppy pull him around his neighborhood.  He said that she (his dog) is so excited to have this morning time with her best friend that she jumps almost 4 feet into the air and almost knocks him over.  His relationship with his dog is definitely improving.  Maybe he should take his wife along too, or maybe is too early to attempt to wake her too.  That could be dangerous, he says.

This same man told me how to tell who your friends really are.  DISCLAIMER:  Fellows...DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!  He said to take your dog and your wife and put them both in the trunk of your car.  Come back in an hour to let them out and see which one is happy to see you!

Now that you are finished laughing, which by the way is great for your heart, I want to know how you are doing with the Reality Check.  Send me your comments below.  Let's have fun getting healthy this year.

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