Monday, July 22, 2013

Adventures in Odyssey - devotional giveaway

For moms with kids in school, the most hectic months of the year are usually September and May. The
end of the school year involves parties, playoffs, and final projects. The beginning of the year has moms
and kids feeling overloaded with shopping trips, sign-ups, and new schedules.

Establishing healthy, positive routines is a tough job. Too often, music lessons, sports practices, and
after-school clubs can overshadow the routines that build family and healthy habits—both physically
and spiritually.

One of the great new Adventures in Odyssey products released this year is 90 Devotions for Kids,
aimed at kids 8 to 12.  This soft-cover book draws you in with illustrations, puzzles, and kid-friendly
applications. It also includes a daily Bible verse, daily challenges, words of encouragement from different
AIO characters, and more. Even if your kids aren’t already Adventures in Odyssey fans, they’ll enjoy
these daily devotionals, and get to know the Odyssey crew along the way.

This devotional, and the edition coming this fall (90 Devotions for Kids: Life Changing Values from the
Book of Matthew) are great tools to help your kids put a regular pause in their day for Bible reading,
prayer, and thoughts about God. If you start now—by the first day of school, you’ll already have a
spiritual component scheduled into your kids’ routine. After that, everything else will hopefully just fall
into line!

·         A giveaway of 90 Devotions for Kids. Must have ten (10) people sign up for giveaway. Include contact information.  Leave a comment. 

·         FREE download of an excerpt from 90 Devotions for Kids, downloadable from this private link:


Lane Hill House said...

I would love this for my granddaughter! Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

cjajsmommy said...

This would be perfect for my oldest granddaughter. djragno (at) hotmail (dot) com