Monday, July 29, 2013

Priceless Stones

Title: PRICELESS STONES:  42 Days Of Hebrew Promises For Kingdom Living
Author: James Revoir
Publisher: Crosslink Publishing
February 2013
ISBN:  978-1-936746-37-8
Genre: Hebrew Language \ Christian Life
226 pages. $18.50.

Journey with the author on a forty-two day quest to unearth the amazing goodness of God which lies hidden in the original Hebrew language of the Old Testament. Along the way, you will discover...

His merciful forgiveness
His intimate love
His powerful protection

And so much more!

PRICELESS STONES forces the reader to contemplate the truths that are communicated through Hebrew words.  Author James Revoir tackles one word in each devotional, provides insight and analysis as to the importance of that word, and then invites the reader to respond to the Lord by means of Prayer and Dedication.

The Prayers and Dedications are written out and demonstrate to the reader points of real-life application that can be put into practice.  The Dedications are a breath of fresh air for the tired believer.  The meanings and importance of the words are understood, and the impact that it should have on the believer made clear.  Following the Prayer and Dedication, there are a number of Study Guide questions that are excellent for small-group discussion.

Whether for small-group Bible study, or personal devotions, PRICELESS STONES will bring the Hebrew language to life.  And you don’t have to know Hebrew to benefit from this excellent resource. I love devotionals, and this is a different twist on one, using Hebrew words as a basis. Recommended, whether you’re a lay-Christian, or a scholar.

5 stars

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Judy said...

Great review of this devotional Laura! I too love devotionals.

Judy B