Sunday, July 21, 2013

Growing Pains

Author: Diann Hunt
Publisher: Guideposts
Genre: Women's fiction

The end of summer is nearing and Charlotte has an opportunity to go on a girls' weekend with Hannah. Charlotte isn't sure, though, about taking time for herself. What if the family needs her while she's gone?

Everyone maybe pursuing their own  interests-- Bob has a part-time job at A A Tractor, Emily  is babysitting a young cousin
to earn extra money, and Christopher has joined the church youth group--but Charlotte would worry anyway. How will the family show her it can stand on its own two feet when she's away?

Meanwhile, Sam starts classes at the community college, but it's not what he imagined. Will he be able to stick it out when the going gets rough?  

As the family grows together, they're all reminded that the answers to their troubles can come in unexpected ways. 

Charlotte and Bob are raising their three grandchildren after their daughter dies. The series shows how a loving family can get through difficult times and come out ahead.  

The older books are available through Amazon or you can wait for the new releases (beginning later this year) to get started on the series. Recommended for anyone who loves women's fiction. 

Growing Pains is number 23 in the Home to Heather Creek series. The books were previously released with different authors—such as Diann Hunt, Tricia Goyer, Leslie Gould and others, but they are being released starting later this year with a penname for all the authors in the series to share—so they appear to be written by one person.

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