Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dangerous Passage

Author: Lisa Harris
Publisher: Revell
September 2013
ISBN: 978-0800721909
Genre: Romantic suspense

She's dedicated her life to ending violence. But has she moved too deep into a treacherous world?

When two Jane Does are killed on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, detective and behavioral specialist Avery North discovers they share something in common--a magnolia tattoo on their shoulders. Suspecting a serial killer, Avery joins forces with medical examiner Jackson Bryant to solve the crimes and prevent another murder. As they venture deep into a sinister criminal world, Avery and Jackson are taken to the very edge of their abilities--and their hearts.

DANGEROUS PASSAGE is the first book in Ms. Harris’ Southern Crimes series. It is endorsed by Lynette Eason, one of my favorite romantic suspense writers, so I had high hopes. Unfortunately, DANGEROUS PASSAGE fell a little flat for me.

The relationship with Jackson is already in place, which disappointed me. I would’ve like to see them meet and get together. Also, Avery is right in the middle of trying to solve another couple of murders which left me feel like I entered in the middle of the story. And the ending wasn’t cut and dried, it left me hanging, waiting for the next in the series – if I care to read it. At this point, I’m not sure.

I never did get close to either Avery or Jackson. I couldn’t make myself care. I did read the book, which, despite claims that I’d be hooked from the start, didn’t hook me. It was an okay read. Not the best romantic suspense I’ve ever read—and not the worst. I loved the faith element in the book. And I appreciate the research Ms. Harris put into this story. She has the persona of the criminal justice world down. I just wish I’d been able to connect. $14.99. 320 pages.

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