Monday, September 23, 2013

Try Reading Again

Try Reading Again
Upper elementary through adult. Price $19.95
Woodbine House

Do you have a struggling student who can’t grasp reading? According to surveys, sixty-eight percent of students older than third grade are struggling readers, and a great majority of them don’t even know their alphabet—or phonic sounds. Try Reading Again is a new book and cd-rom that will show you how to motivate and teach older beginners, ages ten and up.

Try Reading Again incorporates a triangle reading approach which starts with language experience stories (not meaningless ones), then moves up to phonics/phonemic awareness, then up to fluent reading of structured stories by authors.

Students who haven’t been successful with reading have barriers to further learning. Many times they’re frustrated and would rather not try than fail again. Try Reading Again will teach you how to motivate your students and researchers have found that students who read stories about their own experiences are much more motivated to read. The Phonemic Awareness teaches how to internalize phonics so must older struggling readers can move past the 100 or so words they memorized.

Ultimately, the goal is to reach structured stories, so Try Reading Again includes structured stories with age appropriate content and pictures.

A handy CD-ROM includes worksheets, activities, and additional stories which makes it a cinch to print multiple copies to share with many students and to repeat exercises.

You can find more information on Try Reading Again at This is an excellent book for teaching older children or adults reading skills that will last for life. Recommended for homeschoolers who have struggling readers, those who are attempting to work with their public schooled children who struggle, and those who teach special education or assist in classrooms. Laura V. Hilton


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