Saturday, April 4, 2015

A.D. The Bible Continues: The Book of Acts

With Notes and Insights From Dr. David Jeremiah
ISBN  978-1-4964-0718-4
Religious / General
$15.99 hardback w/ jacket
 Reviewed by Steve

* * * I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publishers in exchange for my fair and honest review. * * *

“A man was crucified for all the wrong reasons.”

But where would we be without the cross?  Taking the crucifixion as a starting point, Dr. David Jeremiah provides a keepsake commentary on the 2-Volume history of the Christian Church, as compiled by Dr. Luke, a follower of Jesus Christ and frequent companion of the Apostle Paul.

Dr. Luke was not an eyewitness to the events of Jesus’ life, as far as we know.  He used his intelligence and credentials as a physician to gather, sift through, and organize the vast amounts of material that was already being circulated amongst the early church by the followers of Jesus to compile his work.  His education and training eminently prepared him for this monumental task.  Seriously . . . how DOES one pick and choose the most appropriate, the most important, the most crucial remembrances of the Greatest Life that was ever lived, to preserve for posterity?

Dr. David Jeremiah has always been one of my favorite authors, because of  his gracious demeanor coupled with a refreshing refusal to compromise.  He speaks the truth in love . . . but by all means, he speaks the truth.  This slender volume (it’s only 177, 7.5 X 4.25 inch pages) contains one of the most comprehensive and cohesive outlines of the book of Acts that I’ve come across.  Dr. Jeremiah’s scholarship, coupled with his story-telling ability, make reading this volume a welcome experience.  And the reader is going to learn, without even realizing it!

The advantages already expounded, by themselves, would make this a welcome addition to one’s library at any cost.  Add to this twenty articles by Dr. Jeremiah, highlighting the key players and themes in the Book of Acts, stunning full-color photographs from the exotic locations where A.D.  The Bible Continues was filmed, and spectacular moments created by Emmy Award-winning executive producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, and you have a volume that cannot be measured in terms of monetary consideration.

One criticism that  I might offer would be the typeset.  The font is rather small, and the brown type set against the cream-colored pages does not provide enough contrast for my taste.  However, I’m not going to take points off for that one technical aspect of this otherwise excellent work by Dr. David Jeremiah and Tyndale Publishers.

5 stars for one of the best one-volume commentaries on the Book of Acts I’ve come across!

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