Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Jack Staples and the City of Shadows

Authors: Mark Batterson and Joel N. Clark
Publisher: David C. Cook
January 2015
ISBN:  978-0-781411080
Genre  Juvenile fiction / Action and Adventure
Series: Jack Staples series
Reviewed by Jenna

Only when we face our fears will our greatest gifts be uncovered ~~ Mrs. Dumphry

The Assassin is closing in. Just as Jack and his friend Alexia discover what it means to be the Chosen Ones, they each face the test of a lifetime. For Jack it is a question of trust; for Alexia, of loyalty. Everything rests on their making the right choices, and on the completion of their missions. The Assassin expects they will fail, and that they will either join him or be destroyed. It will take all of the Author’s forces, the special gifts Jack and Alexia each have, and the help of their friends, Arthur and Mrs. Dumphrey, to overcome. But when the enemy makes a key move, and an important quest proves difficult, the prophecy—that they will both destroy and save the world—seems further from coming true than ever before.

JACK STAPLES AND THE CITY OF SHADOWS  is an action adventure book for kids  ages 8 – 12.  I really liked this book. It was really good, but it was scary enough that I didn’t try reading it at night. It is intense and I never knew what would happen next.

The characters were realistic. Through-out the book each of the characters figure out their talents and learn how to use them for the good of their friends.

I highly recommend JACK STAPLES AND THE CITY OF SHADOWS for those who like adventure.

5 stars. Available in paperback, audio, audio CD,  and ebook. 256 pages. 

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