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The Magnolia Duchess

Gulf Coast Chronicles #3 

Paperback, ebook, hardcover

April 19, 2016

by Elizabeth White

  • Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Revell 
  • ISBN-13: 978-0800721992

As the War of 1812 rages across the newly formed United States, another war rages in Fiona Lanier's heart--one that threatens to tear her family apart.

Fiona Lanier is the only woman in the tiny Gulf Coast settlement of Navy Cove. While her shipbuilding family races to fill the demand for American ships brought by the War of 1812, Fiona tries to rescue her brother who was forced into service by the British Navy.

Lieutenant Charlie Kincaid has been undercover for six months, obtaining information vital to the planned British invasion of New Orleans. When a summer storm south of Mobile Bay wrecks his ship and scatters the crew, Charlie suffers a head injury, ultimately collapsing in the arms of a beautiful mermaid who seems eerily familiar. As Charlie's memory returns in agonizing jags and crashes, he and Fiona discover that falling in love may be as inevitable as the tide. But when political loyalties begin to collide, they'll each have to decide where their true heart lies.

My thoughts: THE  MAGNOLIA DUCHESS is a brilliantly written story set in 1812. This is a time period I don't read much about, and to be honest, I don't know much about this war. Fiona is raising horses for sale, they are highly trained and valued by the military.  While upset about something, Fiona goes for a ride by the sea and finds a body washed up on shore . The man is drowned, but she remembers a brother mentioning something about CPR and she did what she remembered him saying and saved the man's life. Then she realizes she's known the man since she was eleven... But he (at that time) was British and an enemy. What to do?

Charlie has no memory of where he came from or how he ended up washing up on shore, nor does he remember the woman who rescued him.  He is welcomed into her home and treated as family, but Fiona refuses to tell anyone he is British and panics when a cousin comes to visit who also knew Charlie. 

I absolutely LOVED Charlie and Fiona and Ms. White's story is powerfully written.  Fiona's secret exploded and things got totally out of hand, and while the mess was still a big mess, there are three romances, a war, attacks, a precious little boy, and of course, nonstop action. 

There is a strong faith message (though she was off base about Lazarus laying in the tomb, alive, scared and waiting for Jesus to come save him--the Bible says he was dead and Jesus raised him from the dead) but that is my only issue with this book.  I absolutely LOVED it. 

THE MAGNOLIA DUCHESS is book three in the series, but it stands alone. I did read The Pelican Bride (review here but didn't remember it. I did not read The Creole Princess, but I  wasn't lost.  The books are The Pelican Bride, The Creole Princess, and THE MAGNOLIA DUCHESS. 

An excellent story.  

I was given a copy free. All opinions are my own. 

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Marilyn R. said...

Your review of Magnolia Duchess causes this reader to want to read Magnolia Duchess. I haven't read any set around the War of 1812. Thank you for sharing.

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