Sunday, July 5, 2009

Be Hopeful

Title: BE HOPEFUL: NT Commentary 1 Peter (How to make the best of times out of your worst of times)
Author: Warren W. Wiersbe
Publisher: David C. Cook
1982/ reprinted June 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4347-6743-1
Genre: Biblical commentary New Testament

When I was growing up, the name Warren Wiersbe was a synonym for a great Bible teacher. My parents devoured books by this pastor/teacher and I learned early to respect his knowledge. So, when I was offered the change to review this commentary by Dr. Wiersbe, I was quick to jump at the chance.

BE HOPEFUL is everything that it was toted to be. Not only is it a verse by verse commentary on the biblical book of 1 Peter, but it also contains a overview of the books topic as a whole, as well as ends each chapter with a brief discussion guide (with plenty of room for the reader to write his/her answers) which also makes this commentary not only an excellent study guide, but it also could be useful in the Sunday School classroom, or small group study on the book of 1 Peter.

A introduction by Ken Baugh is included in the front of the book, entitled The Big Idea, which goes on to talk about the one thing that made the Christian faith unique. Ultimately, the decision came down to grace being the one thing that really sets Christianity apart from other world religions. We are not saved by works of righteousness, but by the grace of God.

BE HOPEFUL – as well as 1 Peter – is written for Christians who are going through suffering and persecution. And in the current time-period, Christians are going through trials and tribulations for being Christian. The only comfortable Christian will be a compromising Christian, but the comfort will be costly.

The theme of this commentary is simply “Be hopeful! Suffering leads to glory! I can give you all the grace you need to honor Me when the going gets tough!”

BE HOPEFUL is a book that definitely belongs on every pastor’s or serious Bible scholar’s shelf. An invaluable tool for believers. Part of the original fifty-two BE series.. $12.99. 163 pages.

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