Thursday, July 9, 2009

Texas Heat

Author: Debra White Smith
Publisher: Avon Inspire
ISBN: 978-0-06-148316-4
Genre: Inspirational/contemporary/intrigue

Jack Mansfield has loved Charlie forever, but when she dumped him for a fast-working, smooth-talking jerk, Jack was sure Charlie had ripped his heart out along with his liver and kidneys and all other vital organs. So, when Charlie comes back to town, divorced with a young child, Jack is quick to “accidentally” put himself in her pathway. It took over a year for her to stop giving him a cold shoulder, but eventually, Charlie started warming up…but then, he was issued a warrant for Charlie’s arrest for embezzling more than $100,000 from the bank where she works.

Charlie is more than stunned when Jack shows up to arrest her. She hadn’t known anything like that was happening and had no idea how it had gotten pinned on her. She was right in the middle of baking cookies for a church function when Jack showed up, ripping her little girl’s heart in pieces to see her mother taken away by the police.

But either Jack’s instincts are failing, or Charlie is innocent. Jack is convinced it is the later, and he asks his brother, a private investigator, to check into this and find the real embezzler. Will Jack manage to save Charlie from prison, or is she murdered by the perpetrator?

I have long loved Debra White Smith, ever since I read my first book by this author as a newlywed. It was a pleasure to be able to read for review TEXAS HEAT. Charlie seemed like a loveable heroine, secure in her faith, but shattered by the accusations against her and more than a little worried about what would happen to her little girl if she had to go to prison. Jack wore his heart on his sleeve for Charlie, but he struggled to maintain a professional distance when he had to deal with her on this case so he couldn’t get into trouble for conflict of interest.

I really enjoyed reading TEXAS HEAT. The book also includes discussion questions, a letter from the author, and a preview of book to in this new series Lone Star Intrigue. $12.99. 231 pages.

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