Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Certain Jeopardy

Publisher: B&H Books
Copyright: 2009
ISBN: 978-0-8054-4853-5
Genre: Military Christian Fiction

“Your safety rests in the hands of six men . . . they are Special Ops and their mission has just been upgraded from difficult to impossible.”

I am forever grateful that my freedoms are protected by the many men and women in uniform. Whether serving on active duty or in the reserves, these men and women lay it on the line every day to safeguard the country they have vowed to serve, honor and protect. In CERTAIN JEOPARDY, we are introduced to a special unit comprised of such individuals. The author, a former Special Ops soldier himself, and a military chaplain, writes from his personal experiences to draw you into a world where the warriors still reign supreme.

Throughout this fast-paced book, the author balances the emotional roller-coaster experienced by the “home team;” the families who send their loved ones into harms way for the greater good, with the almost inhuman tension experienced by the individual team members as they go about the dirty business of war. In addition, Captain Streucker explores what it means to be both a Christian, and a warrior. And he does so in a refreshingly open and honest manner. One can almost read the message that Captain Streucker is sending throughout the book: being a Christian doesn’t mean you’re a wimp!

Being a Christian doesn’t exempt you from the horrors of war,either. This book is not for the squeamish; Captain Streucker handles every aspect of war . . . from engaging the enemy, to capture and torture, in grisly detail. Because war isn’t pretty.

For those interested in a military action novel from a Christian perspective, I would highly recommend CERTAIN JEOPARDY.

$14.99 softcover. 381 pages.

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